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Piercing Prices

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Belly Button $75

Cartilage $50

Tragus $75

Conch $75

Daith $75

Rook $75

Forward Helix $75

Industrial $100

Ear lobes $40 for 1, $60 for both

Eyebrow $75

Nipples $75 for 1, $100 for both

Nose $75

Septum $75

Tongue $75

Lip $75

Monroe $75

Snake Bites $100

Spider Bites $100

Tongue $50

(All prices include standard jewelry)

Call Kat with questions 507-475-1291

  Piercing aftercare

The following are a few basic guidelines for the care of your new piercing.  Everyone is different, so no guide can tell you exactly what’s going to happen during the healing process.  For specific information on healing times, additional care, or what to be cautious of, feel free to ask that’s what we’re here for!!!
*Basic Rules
- DO NOT touch or “PLAY” with the fresh piercing!!!
-The only time you should touch it is if you need to tighten the balls, which needs to be done 2 times a day for at least the first two weeks, and make sure to check them frequently after that. Before doing so make sure to WASH your hands with ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP!!
-DO NOT wear clothing, glasses, hats ECT. That will apply pressure to the new piercing.
-DO NOT use Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Disinfectants, ear care solution, or any other chemicals on your piercing!!!!! (All of these chemicals irritate the skin and the piercing.  They inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself and will prolong the healing process, sometimes indefinitely!)
-DO NOT change out the jewelry for at minimum 6 to 8 weeks, it generally takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully heal your piercing.  If it changed too early it exposes it to different dangers that could have been prevented!
-Other bodily fluids SHOULD NOT touch your piercing while it is healing!
*CleaningH2Ocean Products
-PURE SALINE SOLUTION, this should be put on a clean Q-Tip and spun around the edges of the piercing. DO NOT pick off crustiness!
-Sea Salt Solution, this needs to be mixed carefully!  ¼ teaspoon ground Sea Salt (Not Iodized Table salt) to 1 cup distilled water.  If this is too strong for your body it can be reduced to 1/8 teaspoon sea salt to 1 cup distilled water. This needs to be fully dissolved and water can be warmed in the microwave, then put in a small container such as a cup and held over the piercing. DO NOT pick off Crustiness!
-Mouth Piercings need to be rinsed with a mixture of ½ water ½ Antiseptic Mouthwash, after eating, drinking, smoking or anything else other than water! If a white ring forms around the piercing or if you feel it is too strong, dilute the rinse with more water.
*Signs of an Infection
-Excess redness that streaks out from the piercing.
-White pimple looking bumps surrounding the area.
-Excessive pain that is worse than the first few days after getting the piercing, or a hard bump forming under the skin.
*Most times when people think their piercing is infected it is just irritated, this might be caused from poor health, harsh chemicals, jewelry getting bumped, ripped or moved around, metal allergies, or a number of other things.  Unless it’s extremely swollen, red and/or leaking a thick green fluid, DON'T FREAK OUT!!
**If you have any concerns about infection, Contact a Piercing Professional and/or a Medical Professional immediately!
tattoo shop in owatonna mn, tattoos in owatonna
tattoo shop in owatonna mn, tattoos in owatonna
tattoo shop in owatonna mn, tattoos in owatonna
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